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2006 June | Elk Grove SES Hall

Posts made in June, 2006

Event Announcements

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2006 Clarksburg Festa

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The Clarksburg I.D.E.S. Hall had it’s 2006 Festa this past weekend. There were members from Elk Grove in attendance, as well as other halls around the state like Licoln, Fresno, and Sacramento.

The weather was very nice if you don’t take into account the windy conditions. Now I know how those portuguese sailors felt riding the wind, as my Elk Groves SES flag at times caught the delta breeze and knocked me off balance a few times!

The parade route is a nice short walk along the Sacramento River, ending at St. Josephs church in Clarksburg, then returning to the hall.

The church was really nice, and it was the first time I had attended it. There were quite a few of us in the parade so the church filled up quickly. One pleasant suprise was the church dog, which was more like a horse. He stood around four foot tall.

Father Madigan began our mass with some real nice information about the local history of the area and how the Portuguese people had settled and built up the levees. He was very funny at times and we were all smiling the whole time, especially when he had left the church to go get some copies and did not realize his microphone was still on. That got the whole place roaring.

After a nice mass, we all headed back up the levee towards the hall. Upon ariving the band played the Portuguese and US National Anthems’ and then we all proceded into the hall for sopas.

The sopas at Clarksburg is a little different than our Elk Grove sopas, as they must put some sort of tomatoe sauce into the mix.

I hope more of you from Elk Grove can make it out there next year. It is a really nice place, with trees all around and a nice scenic drive to a from.

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June Meeting

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June meeting on June 6, 2006 at 8:00pm

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