Azores Islands Trivia

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Quick Quiz about the Azores Islands

Pico,Terceira,Santa Maria, Corvo, Faiel,Sao Jorge,Graciosa, Sao

1. Why or how did the Islands get their name?
2. What date were the Azores Islands discovered?
3. Who is the explorer who first landed on Santa Maria ?
4. Who was King of Portugal when the Islands were discovered?
5. How were the "degredados" made to look different than the common
6. List all nine Islands starting with the largest to the smallest.
7. Who was "Henry the Navigator" and what part did he play in populating the
Azores Islands along with Madeira?
8. What three things did settlers have to agree to before they could depart
for the Azores?
9. Who was Antonio Corvelo?
10. What was discovered in 1960 off the coast of Santa Maria?
11. Who was Wilhelm Van der Hagen?
12. Why are almost all Bettencourts and Avila family roots traced to Maciot
or Henri Bettencourt?

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